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Trends In Cosmetic Dentistry

The past decade has been an extremely exciting time for cosmetic dentistry. While procedures and equipment have changed and evolved in the past ten years, the overall trend has been improvement in service delivery and the lifetime of their results.


Gulch Dental Studio is dedicated to ensuring each patient receives the best care and results possible. In this article Dr. Jeff Trembley, doctor at Gulch Dental Studio, gives us an inside look on how Gulch Dental Studio stays ahead of cosmetic dentistry and other trends that shape the way patients experience their dental appointments.

Up to 20% of Americans avoid regular dental appointments due to fear or anxiety about their dental procedures. While fear of discomfort is a major player for patients’ hesitance, many say it isn’t fear of pain that keeps them from the dentist chair – it’s the office itself. The lights, the colors, the sound of the equipment, and other external elements put a stain on our ability to relax comfortably. That’s why Gulch Dental Studio designed their brand new location to offer an experience unique to any other. When you walk in, you won’t know you’re at the dentist guaranteed.

How Does Gulch Dental Studio Stay Ahead Of Trends In Cosmetic Dentistry?

Dr. Jeff Trembley said, “The first objective for all dental professionals is to address oral and systemic health deficiencies, to remove tooth decay and the source of oral-facial pain. Dentistry has always been an enjoyable career because all dental procedures end with a cosmetic component of some kind. Thus, dental manufacturers compete to produce the newest advancements in material science that not only addresses the essential foundation of health and proper function, but also seeks to provide seamless esthetics.


Exposure to the newest cosmetic materials and techniques will never be an issue for most dentists. I am constantly bombarded by trends and products from dental manufacturers that promise to forever change the landscape of cosmetic dentistry. Rather than racing to stay ahead of all the various trends, it is more important to properly utilize time tested techniques and materials. Proper treatment planning requires that dentists fully understand not only the indications for cosmetic procedures, but also their limitations. Fortunately, 21st century cosmetic dentistry is stable and offers a variety of reliable treatment modalities that can and will produce exceptional esthetics when implemented correctly. Gulch Dental Studio can offer a combination of Botox for facial wrinkles, prescription whitening to remove deep coffee, wine and tobacco stains, composite (tooth colored) resin, and porcelain and ceramic veneers and crowns.

What Is The Value To Staying Ahead Of The Trends?

“Rather than staying ahead of arbitrary Cosmetic trends, I pursue new techniques that perpetuate the principles known to have withstood the test of time and produce flawless esthetics. None of this is possible without first knowing the material properties of the bond, cement, veneer and crown material and how they work together to reflect or absorb light. The scientific and material expertise needed for your cosmetic desires should be handled by your dentist, however clear communication about your esthetic goals is the most valuable piece of information needed for an exceptional result. If you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss a cosmetic smile enhancement, contact our office today. Some common cosmetic procedures in dentistry today that Gulch Dental Studio offers are teeth whitening, Botox® to reduce facial wrinkles, composite resin bonding, dental implants, crowns and veneers.”

What Does This Mean For Gulch Dental Studio Patients?

“Dentistry is not a stagnant profession. To provide exceptional treatment options, I remain a student of the profession. I guard my patients against many of the trending techniques I suspect many not withstand the test of time. For every treatment considered and proposed, countless others have been discarded after evaluating the variables unique to each particular case. To stay on top of the changing material science and trends of cosmetic dentistry, I regularly attend continuing education courses and maintain open dialogue, on a daily basis, with other dental practitioners.


Cosmetic treatment plans are highly specialized to each patient based on a multitude of factors. Before treatments are proposed, the materials and techniques have been thoroughly vetted and understood. Without exception, the most important variables are those directly related to the health history, personal habits and esthetic desires of the patient.”

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