Painless Root Canals and Dental Implants By on May 17, 2016

Root Canals and Dental Implants

Many adults run into some form of tooth decay in their lives. Whether you have a cavity or a full-blown dead nerve, tooth decay is a serious issue in American adults and even children. Thankfully, today’s modern technology and our educated staff have the ability to turn that grimace into a healthy smile with restorative dentistry procedures, such as root canals and dental implants. As a Nashville sedation dentist, our job is to remove your anxiety and calm your nerves when tackling these normally uncomfortable restorative procedures.

What Is a Root Canal?

Not flossing regularly or neglecting those dental visits? You are giving plaque and bacteria a fighting chance to decay that beautiful smile. When infection sets in, nerve damage can lead to infected tissue surrounding the decaying tooth. If tooth decay does occur to the center (pulp) of the tooth, bacteria will slowly eat away at the inner tooth – possibly even spreading disease. Extreme tooth decay inevitably means tooth pain, and no one likes a toothache.

If you are frequently experiencing severe toothaches, tenderness or swelling on the gum line, sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, or tooth discoloration you may be in need of a root canal.

How to Treat a Root Canal

Prior to the procedure, the infected area is numbed with local anesthesia. Then, a hole is drilled into the infected areas in order to remove the tooth’s decayed center (pulp). Once the infection has been cleared, an antiseptic rinses out and cleans the inner tooth. Last, a filling is recommended to best fill your tooth’s needs.

The dreaded root canal does not need to be dreadful! With sedation dentistry, root canals are painless! Root canals may require more than one visit to the dentist depending on the severity of the infection. Ask for sedation to ensure a much more pleasant treatment experience.

Dental Implants

Are you missing one or even multiple teeth? Most adults between the ages of 20 and 64 have about 3 decayed or missing teeth. Missing teeth is a huge contributor to lack of confidence in all ages. Don’t let gaps and holes keep you from smiling, laughing, or talking. Dental implants may be the solution for you.

Implants are artificial tooth roots that are surgically anchored into the jaw. This allows a replacement tooth or bridge to be secured in the mouth. Because dental implants are permanent and safely secured, normal chewing and speaking functions are generally restored in patients after treatment.

Nashville Sedation Dentist

Interested in trying out sedation dentistry before jumping into a serious restorative procedure? Sedation goes well with all treatments and dental care. Ask about it at your next check-up or during any visit. Don’t put off what could be a very important procedure due to fear or anxiety. Our award winning dental team utilizes sedation dentistry to ensure a comfortable and pain free procedure for all our patients.

Please feel free to contact your Downtown Nashville Dentist today for a free consultation. We’d be happy to answer your questions and quell your concerns regarding any of our cosmetic and restorative procedures. We care about your health and comfort, so let’s get started! Secure your appointment today.

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