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Fix Gapped Teeth

Also known as diastema, a space or gap between two teeth can be a cosmetic concern and perfect place for hiding plaque. Up to 25% of American adults have a gap somewhere between their front teeth. Why? Well, there is a variety of reasons for teeth gaps including missing teeth, oversized labial frenum, periodontal disease, thumb sucking, abnormal growths, and an incorrect swallowing reflex.

Gaps in baby teeth are not much of a concern, but gaps in adult teeth may need to be corrected so that surrounding teeth do not become crowded and more prone to gum disease. This could also lead to discomfort or pain when talking or chewing. So, what are your cosmetic solutions?

Dental Bonding

Want a procedure that only takes one visit and doesn’t break the bank? Filling the gaps by composite resin bonding is often a great solution for diastema. Tooth-colored resin is applied to both teeth that are creating the space. The resin is then hardened using a special light to secure it to the teeth. Lastly, the fixed resin is polished and smoothed to look natural and take care of any sharp or rigid edges.

Dental bonding is a great way to temporarily camouflage those unwanted and unsightly gaps. Avoid habits such as nail biting and chewing on hard objects to increase the longevity of the resin. Also, try whitening toothpaste to help prevent coffee and other beverage related stains. Smoking may also cause discoloration.

Dental Veneers

Bonded to the front of teeth, dental veneers discolor less easily and are more long lasting than dental bonding. Veneers are a high quality diastema fix and can make your smile look great. Two or three visits may be necessary for this procedure. First the gapped teeth need prep (though some cases require no prep), and then the veneers are individually customized and fashioned. Lastly, the thin porcelains are applied to the smile by a bonding resin and special light similar to those used in the dental bonding procedure.

Today, porcelain veneers so closely match natural teeth that they are nearly undetectable. Unlike natural teeth, veneers should not discolor, but be sure to keep your natural teeth white to match your beautiful dental additions.


Some gaps are caused by a misalignment between the jaw and mouth, causing multiple spaces and crowding. Looking to fix a more intensive gap issue over a period of time? An orthodontic alternative that will turn around similar results as veneers is Invisalign. The treatment generally takes an average of 12 months but can last anywhere from 6 months to a few years.

Correcting Spaces Between Teeth

Do you have a noticeable gap between some of your front teeth? We can help to mend that space. Schedule an appointment for a consultation to discuss what may have caused your diastema and which method is best for your teeth. At Gulch Dental Studio, we ensure that your treatments and care reflect your individual wants and needs because your time and health are incredibly valuable.

Nervous about visiting the dentist for a cosmetic dental procedure or even fear simply going in for a routine check-up? Ask us about sedation dentistry today!

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