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An infected tooth x-ray indicating need for root canal therapyA root canal infection occurs when the pulp inside of a tooth becomes inflamed and infected. To address the problem, a dentist may perform root canal therapy to remove the infected tissue or could recommend tooth extraction. Both options prevent more serious health issues from occurring. During a visit with Dr. Clint Newman, your dental health and wellness can be properly assessed.

The Nashville, TN team at Gulch Dental Studio would like to compare root canal therapy to tooth extraction and determine which is most ideal for your needs.

How Root Canal Therapy Works

Root canal therapy is a procedure that involves the removal of the diseased dental pulp from within a tooth. Once the pulp is removed, the pulp chamber is sterilized and the tooth is filled with an inert material. This prevents the spread of infection. A restoration is used to cap the tooth, protecting it from further damaged and restoring a person’s ability to bite and chew.

When Is a Root Canal the Ideal Option?

Root canal therapy is most ideal when the tooth is still mostly salvageable and has not been seriously damaged by decay or fractures. The procedure saved the tooth and allows patients to maintain more of their natural dental structure even if the pulp is removed.

About Tooth Extraction for Root Canal Infections

When a root canal infection is severe and the tooth is extremely compromised at a structural level, the best option is the extraction of the tooth. This prevents the spread of infection and also takes a realistic approach to preserving a patient’s dental health and general wellness.

Local anesthetic and possibly sedation will be used during the tooth extraction process. The dentist must work carefully to remove the crown of the tooth as well as the root structure to ensure all infection risks are extracted.

When Is Tooth Extraction the Ideal Option?

Tooth extraction is generally considered a last resort. When a root canal treatment is no longer an option, that’s when a dentist will consider extraction to prevent the spread of infection.

Once the affected tooth or teeth are removed, tooth replacement options can be considered. The use of a bridge may be ideal for some patients, while other patients may be more ideal candidates for dental implants. These options can be discussed in more detail as part of the consultation process.

Is One Procedure Better Than the Other?

As we alluded to above, a root canal is typically a more ideal option than tooth extraction. Whenever a patient can maintain their natural tooth structure, that is always best. However, this is not always a possibility simply given the nature of tooth infections and the condition of a tooth.

Our team always strives to maintain as much of a patient’s natural tooth structure as possible. That’s why we believe in prevention and carefully customized care.

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