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Repair Minor Chips, Cracks, & Stains with Dental Bonding 

Dental bonding can be used to conceal imperfections such as minor chips, cracks, and stains. This conservative yet effective cosmetic solution can be completed in just one appointment. Gulch Dental Studio in Nashville, TN, strives to provide patients with outstanding results in a comfortable, luxurious environment for a memorable experience. Our doctors are trusted professionals who can provide precise dental bonding placement that blends seamlessly with your teeth. We can also perform complementary cosmetic procedures for a flawless, natural-looking smile. 

What is Dental Bonding? 

Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure that conceals imperfections with composite resin, creating the appearance of a fully restored tooth. Composite resin can be shaped and polished to match your surrounding teeth. This material can be used to lengthen teeth, fill gaps, reshape a tooth, or conceal discoloration, and is virtually unnoticeable to others. Composite resin is so durable that our doctors also use it to create tooth-colored dental fillings.

Man with chipped tooth
Composite resin can be used to lengthen teeth, fill gaps, or reshape a worn tooth.

Is the Treatment a Good Solution for Me? 

This efficient solution is a great option for patients with: 

  • Small gaps 
  • Minor chips or cracks
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Stains that do not respond to whitening
  • Slight misalignment
  • Worn edges
  • Disproportionately small teeth

Depending on whether your dental needs are cosmetic or restorative, dental bonding can often be used as an alternative to veneers or crowns

Benefits of Dental Bonding 

This procedure offers patients several unique benefits: 

  • Affordability
  • Conservative treatment 
  • Versatile 
  • Appropriate for most patients 
  • Convenient 
  • Preserves more natural structure of your tooth than other options

This treatment can also be used in conjunction with restorative procedures to strengthen teeth. While dental bonding can serve many purposes, it is only a viable solution for minor dental imperfections. Your doctor can provide a complete evaluation to determine whether dental bonding is the right fit for you. 

Concealing Your Imperfections

Dental bonding uses innovative dental materials and techniques to create an enhanced smile. The procedure can generally be completed in under an hour. Although treatment is typically painless, if bonding is used to fill a cavity we may provide an anesthetic. 

Our doctors are trusted professionals who can provide precise dental bonding placement that blends seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

For optimal aesthetic results, our doctors will first use a shade guide to select a color of composite that will best match your enamel. To begin the procedure, your doctor will prepare the tooth by using a mild chemical solution to "microetch" the surface of your tooth, creating grooves. This process will not damage the tooth but simply create a more secure bond. Once the surface has been prepared, the doctor will apply the composite resin in layers. The putty-like material will be applied, molded, and smoothed to the desired shape. A curing light will then be used to harden the composite. To finish the procedure, your dentist will polish it for a lifelike sheen.

After Your Procedure 

Within the first 48 hours of your treatment, you should avoid dark beverages, cigarettes, and other staining substances. Once this period has passed, your bonded tooth will not require special care. You should, however, avoid biting your nails, chewing on pens, or other hard objects that may chip the material. As long as you continue to practice good oral hygiene and attend regularly scheduled cleanings and exams, bonding can last for years. 

Our Patient Results

Before and after dental bonding
Dental bonding was used to close a small gap between
the two front teeth that was detracting from the patient's smile.

Our Commitment to You 

At Gulch Dental Studio, we are dedicated to providing patients with quality dental procedures that will help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Our team can ensure that you are provided with the best dental solution for your needs. If you are interested in enhancing your smile with dental bonding, contact us online

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