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Are you afraid to show your smile due to crooked teeth? Looking for a discrete way to straighten your smile that doesn't involve braces?

Invisalign clear aligners are a comfortable and simplified orthodontic treatment for many misalignment issues.

Gulch Dental Studio in Nashville, TN, can help you straighten your teeth and get you back to smiling with confidence.

What Is Invisalign?


Invisalign is a series of clear plastic aligners molded to fit your teeth in a way that applies constant but gentle pressure, causing your teeth to straighten. They are an orthodontic landmark and a great alternative to metal brackets and wires for someone who has minor to moderate alignment issues. Gulch Dental Studio is known throughout Nashville as the best place to achieve a cosmetic upgrade in your smile, and we are here to help you experience the maximum benefits of Invisalign treatment.

How Clear Aligners Work

Like braces, Invisalign is designed to move your teeth a little at a time. After digital impressions are taken by your dentist, you will receive a series of plastic aligners to adjust your teeth and gradually shift them into the proper position. It is recommended that you wear your aligners 22 hours each day, removing them only to eat or drink liquids other than water. Each set of aligners is worn about two weeks before moving onto the next set.

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The Process Of Invisalign Treatment

Each patient's smile is unique, so each treatment plan will be personalized to their needs.
Each patient's smile is unique, so each treatment plan will be personalized to their needs.

Assessment and Imaging

Your dentist will evaluate your overall oral health, then take a series of X-rays, photographs, and impressions of your teeth. 

Planning Treatment

Based on your examination and imaging, your dentist can design a custom orthodontic treatment plan. They will then work with the aligner software to develop your clear aligners.

Receive Your Aligners

Once the aligners are created, you will wear them in stages based on your dentist's recommendation. Because your teeth will be shifting differently with each aligner set, you will periodically visit our office so your dentist can see how you are progressing.

Enjoy Your New Smile

Once you reach the end of the series of aligners, no more aligners are needed. However, just like with braces, you will need to wear a retainer to keep your teeth in place.

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We take our time with each patient to get to know them on a personal level, as well as their dental goals, needs, and concerns. We want every patient to leave feeling like they are truly cared for. Complete our online form or give our Nashville, TN, office a call to request your Invisalign consultation.

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Nice and friendly staff and environment. This was my second visit and  my new dental office home. I’m looking forward to them making my smile beautiful.

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Gulch dental is like visiting family every time I go! Dr. Harris and all the staff are so nice and friendly. You can tell right from walking in the team is dedicated to creating a comfortable elevated experience.

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How To Care For Your Clear Aligners

Maintaining routine dental care and dental checkups is always the first step in keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Below are more ways to ensure your teeth and aligners remain functional and clean:

Clean Your Invisalign Trays Each Time You Brush And Floss Your Teeth

The best way to clean your aligners is by using the Invisalign Cleaning System. However, denture cleaner is another great way to get your aligners clean without damaging them. Do not use extremely hot or cold water when cleaning Invisalign. As they are made of plastic, extreme temperatures can warp the shape and make them ineffective.

Rinse After Eating

Don't let anything - especially food particles and bacteria - get between your teeth and your aligners. Since Invisalign clear aligners are removable, be sure to rinse your mouth well with lukewarm water before putting your aligners back in after eating. 

Know When to Remove Your Aligner

Drinking things like sodas, coffee, and alcoholic beverages while wearing Invisalign means those acids and sugars will sit on your teeth until you remove the aligner. This can cause other oral health issues such as cavities or tooth discoloration. If you are going to consume something besides water, be sure to remove Invisalign and brush your teeth before putting the aligners back in place.

Pros And Cons Of Invisalign Aligners


  • Invisible 

The completely clear plastic makes Invisalign virtually undetectable while wearing the aligners.

  • Removable

Being removable makes Invisalign easy to clean and gives you the freedom to eat anything you like.

  • Effective

Invisalign is a quick and effective tool to achieve a straight smile. With proper use, you could see your new smile in as little as six months.

  • Affordable

Patients are often thrilled to learn that Invisalign is comparable in price to traditional orthodontic treatment.


  • Easily Lost

Since the aligners are removable, they can easily be lost or misplaced. This is generally a concern for parents who have teenagers using Invisalign. However, Invisalign First (previously Invisalign Teen) comes with replacement aligners for this reason. No matter what, be sure to take care whenever removing your aligners so you know where they are at all times.

  • Staining

Clear aligners can become stained by certain foods and drinks. This is why it is so important to be sure your mouth is rinsed and cleaned before reinserting your aligners.

  • Only for Mild to Moderate Cases

Invisalign is effective for most misalignment cases, but for more severe cases, they may not be enough. That is why talking with your dentist is always the first step in developing a treatment plan to straighten your teeth.

Our Nashville Office Has Hundreds Of 5-Star Reviews


Anneleise Wood


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The team at Gulch Dental Studio wonderful. They take great care of their patients and ensure that all their needs are met. They do all they can to make sure you're comfortable and that you understand any procedures you might need to have. You couldn't find a better dental team to serve your needs.

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I love everyone here! They have been extremely helpful. I have TMJ and I started getting Botox here last year! I’ve seen an insane difference. I’m happier and able to thrive. Sadly,  I’m moving to NY but I may have to fly back every five months to get my Botox from here!!!!

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Cost Of Invisalign

Since each person's dental care plan is unique, the cost of treatment will vary for each patient. Typically, Invisalign is around the same price as traditional metal braces, and many basic insurance plans will contribute to the cost of this treatment. Reach out to our Nashville office to learn more about our CareCredit® financing options and how we can create a custom treatment plan for any budget.

Ready for an Even More Youthful Appearance?

A straighter smile is just one step towards an overall younger look. That is why our Nashville, TN office proudly offers BOTOX® Cosmetic. Reducing laugh lines and crows' feet can complement your newly straightened smile for powerful rejuvenation. Reach out to our office to find out how we can help you achieve a more youthful appearance.

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