IPS e.max® Crowns for Aesthetics and Strength

The team at our dental office in Nashville, TN, is dedicated to providing our patients with the best possible solutions for their dental care needs. IPS e.max® crowns are exemplary when it comes to quality, strength, and aesthetics. These crowns provide patients with long-lasting restorations that allow them to feel confident in their smile. If you are in need of a dental crown, consider the IPS e.max® crowns offered at our Nashville, TN, practice that can restore your smile for years to come.

IPS e.max® dental crown.
IPS e.max® dental crowns are all-ceramic, offering optimal translucency and durability.

A Closer Look at IPS e.max® Crowns

The IPS e.max® system is among the most versatile restorative dental option available to secure weakened teeth or remedy tooth loss. IPS e.max® crowns involve an all-ceramic system based on lithium disilicate glass, giving the restorations optimal translucency and durability.

IPS e.max® crowns are renowned for their natural appearance and incredible strength that affords patients a decade or more of use.

IPS e.max® simulates the opalescence and light diffusion properties of natural enamel and blends flawlessly with surrounding teeth. These restorations possess an unsurpassed durability able to withstand the most forceful bite strengths. The IPS e.max® system is primarily used for crowns placed in the anterior region of the mouth.

The IPS e.max® Crown Advantage

Choosing IPS e.max® dental crowns can lead to positive, even life-changing results. The IPS e.max® system has become popular for its many advantages, including:

Natural Look: An important aspect of a dental crown is that it possesses sufficient translucence and sheen to blend with your other teeth. IPS e.max® crowns have the qualities of natural enamel, making them an ideal restoration for front teeth.

Durability: IPS e.max® crowns are largely formed from lithium disilicate, a glass ceramic with outstanding strength. This material makes IPS e.max® crowns less likely to fracture or become structurally compromised during everyday wear and tear.

All-Ceramic Prosthetics: There is no metal alloy attached to or beneath an IPS e.max® crown. This provides a clean, natural-looking artificial tooth without the gray tint of underlying metal that is common in porcelain-metal prosthetics.

Tooth Structure Conservation: IPS e.max® can be prepared using extremely thin sections, since the material is fracture resistant. As such, less of the natural tooth needs to be removed in preparation for placing the crown.

Multiple Options for Teeth Restoration: The IPS e.max® system is not limited to fabricating all-ceramic crowns, and can be used to make veneers, inlays, onlays, overlays, and dental bridges.

Your IPS e.max® Crown

As a dental practice dedicated to providing patients with top-of-the-line dental solutions, we are proud to offer the latest innovative technologies and techniques. The IPS e.max® system is one example of this commitment. This treatment represents an investment in your oral health and confidence in your smile. To help our patients get the dental procedures they need, we offer CareCredit® financing and can review your insurance with you to determine how much of the procedure is covered.

Learn More About IPS e.max®

If you need a dental crown that blends in undetected with your smile and is designed to last for a decade or more, then an IPS e.max® dental crown may be the right treatment solution for you. To schedule your appointment send us a message today.

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