Tooth Extraction

We go to great lengths to save every tooth, but in some cases, tooth extraction is the best option to preserve your dental health.

If you need a tooth extracted, our dentists at Gulch Dental Studio in Nashville, TN, will make your comfort their priority.

We’ll put you on the path to improved oral health with gentle tooth extraction. We can also restore your smile afterward using the latest treatment options. Book an appointment today to get started.

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Symptoms like tooth pain, bleeding, or swelling are signs you should see a dentist right away. Don't wait any longer to get the care you need—Gulch Dental Studio offers emergency services for Nashville patients. Contact us now, and we'll get you in for an urgent appointment as soon as we possibly can.

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Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

Reasons our dentists may recommend tooth extraction:

  • A tooth has suffered decay so extensive it cannot be repaired with a filling or crown
  • A crack or fracture, especially below the gums, has compromised the tooth
  • Gum disease has caused a tooth to become loose
  • A dental abscess in the root of a tooth cannot be treated with root canal therapy
  • A tooth, such as a wisdom tooth, lacks space in the jaw
  • A tooth prone to infection puts the health of a person with a compromised immune system at risk

Don't Put Your Oral Health on Hold Make an Appointment With a Dentist Today

In most cases, it's not wise to put off needed tooth extraction. If your teeth have extensive decay or if gum disease has loosened teeth, you are at greater risk of introducing infections to other parts of your mouth. The sooner you act, the sooner you can restore your dental health and get on the path to recovery.

If you have swelling in the gums, tooth pain, or other signs of infection, request a consultation. The team at our dental office in Nashville, TN, will carefully examine your mouth to determine if an extraction is necessary.

Early intervention can prevent a simple extraction from ballooning into extensive dental problems. In addition to permanent teeth extraction, we can perform wisdom teeth removal without resorting to an expensive trip to an oral surgeon. Send us a message today.

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I Love Gulch Dental Studio. Very professional and always on time and staff are very friendly and attentive.

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Always the best experience! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a dentist in Nashville.

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Tooth Extraction Timeline Using Gentle Dentistry

We'll take the time to get to know you so we can address all your concerns.
We'll take the time to get to know you so we can address all your concerns.


Our dentist will first make absolutely sure that a tooth cannot be saved before recommending extraction. We may use X-rays or advanced imaging to confirm the diagnosis.

Local Anesthetic

The dentist will administer a local anesthetic to thoroughly numb the treatment site. If desired, sedation dentistry can help ensure you stay comfortable throughout the procedure.

Gentle Removal

Next, our dentist will gently loosen the tooth so it can be carefully removed. If bone is trapping the tooth, an incision will be made to free the tooth. Sometimes it is necessary to break the tooth into smaller pieces for easier removal.

Socket Preservation

We may recommend preserving bone density in the area where the tooth was removed. To do this, the dentist will place bone grafting material in the socket. This is an important step if you plan on using a dental implant to replace the tooth later.

Closing Steps

If necessary, the dentist will suture the site closed. You will then be asked to gently bite down on a sterile gauze for about 30 minutes. The gauze will help slow bleeding and encourage a blood clot to form in the socket. The clot protects the bone during healing.

Sedation Dentistry: Extra Reassurance for Your Comfort

We use a gentle touch and are thorough with local anesthesia to make tooth extraction virtually painless, but we understand how it may still feel intimidating if you have dental anxiety or a sensitive smile. That's why we offer dental sedation, with three different types to meet the widest range of patient needs. If you'd like to explore your options or add calming sedation to your treatment plan, send us a message or give our Nashville office a call.

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Very comfortable atmosphere, extremely helpful and amazing people, kind and knowledgeable doctors that give you clear information. This place is a 10/10 all around, I love it!

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I really like their early morning availabilities so that I can get into work on is extremely helpful. The office is always so welcoming and I do love their attention to my areas of sensitivities which can make visits uncomfortable but they do a great job.

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Dental Implants Can Fill in the Gaps Restore Full Form and Function to Your Smile

Tooth loss can make eating, speaking, and sharing your smile harder. It can also harm your oral health, as the underlying jawbone will begin to weaken after tooth loss. Dental implants and implant-supported restorations solve all those problems at once. 

Implants are artificial tooth roots that can be surgically anchored in the jaw in the same spots the natural tooth roots once took. After they integrate with the jawbone over the course of several months, they can be topped with dental restorations made to look, feel, and function like real teeth.

Gulch Dental Studios coordinates with top Nashville oral surgeons for dental implant placement, and our team handles the custom restorations. Dr. Newman is a specialist in cosmetic dentistry who places a high priority on giving patients the most natural-looking results possible. You can rest assured that any restoration you receive from our Nashville, TN, office will be crafted to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

If you're having your wisdom teeth removed, you won't need to consider replacing them with dental implants. These teeth aren't necessary for full oral function, so once they're out, they're out for good.

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Does Insurance Cover Tooth Extraction?

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Yes! Insurance will typically cover wisdom teeth extractions and other tooth extractions when they are medically necessary, which applies to most patients who visit us for this service. Our Nashville, TN, practice accepts most insurance plans. One of our care administrators can help you verify your coverage ahead of time and make the most of your benefits.

If you're receiving dental implants and restorations to replace extracted teeth, you should know that your restorations will also be eligible for coverage, although the implants will not.

Our practice accepts financing in addition to insurance so out-of-pocket costs aren't a burden. We work with CareCredit®, which offers loans for dental care that you can repay in monthly installments that suit your budget.

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It had been a good amount of time since the last time I had been to the dentist. The team at Gulch Dental was so kind and they explained and walked me through everything. Very understanding. Was a really great experience!

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Beautiful office, incredibly friendly staff, and reasonable out of pocket prices for the work I needed done. Highly recommend!

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