Wisdom Teeth Removal Can Preserve Your Oral Health

Wisdom teeth typically emerge in the teenage years or early 20s, and for most individuals, can be problematic. Our doctors can perform wisdom teeth removal at our dental office in Nashville, TN, or refer you to a highly qualified oral surgeon. We go the extra mile to make sure you are as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process, offering different sedation options to minimize discomfort and detailed instructions to speed recovery.

Illustration of jaw in blue and wisdom tooth in red
Most people do not have room for the wisdom teeth to fully erupt without creating complications.

Possible Complications

Your dentist may recommend removing these molars if:

  • They would cause overcrowding
  • You need more space before getting braces
  • The teeth are impacted or unable to emerge through the gums
  • The teeth are growing in irregularly
  • There is infection or inflammation

Even when there is room for wisdom teeth, they are often difficult to clean properly and may be prone to decay.

What Is the Extraction Process Like?

After your doctor uses X-rays and other methods to determine the wisdom teeth require extraction, you can schedule your procedure. The extraction procedure is an extremely common type of oral surgery and will depend on your particular situation and how your wisdom teeth have grown in. In cases of severely impacted teeth, your doctor may refer you to a specialist.

We go the extra mile to make sure you are as comfortable as possible, offering different sedation options to minimize discomfort and detailed instructions to speed recovery.

On the day of your treatment, you will first receive local anesthetic and sedation, if necessary, so that you are as comfortable as possible through the process. Some patients even receive general anesthesia if all of their wisdom teeth are being removed on the same day. Similar to other surgical procedures, your doctor may instruct you to stop eating and drinking after midnight the previous evening. 

When the area is completely numb, your doctor will make incisions in your gum, removing any bone that has grown over the tooth. Once he has clear access, he can remove the tooth itself, intact or first broken into pieces. Then he will stitch your gums closed to aid in recovery and place a gauze pad to minimize bleeding.

Recovery and Aftercare

For the first several days after your procedure, it is important to limit activity and follow your doctor’s aftercare instructions. To ease discomfort, you can apply gentle pressure to a gauze pad over your gum, use a cold pack on your cheek, and take prescription pain medication. In addition, keep your head elevated, even when you sleep. Avoid drinking with a straw, smoking, and alcohol, performing oral hygiene routines gently. It is very important to keep the sockets clean to avoid infection after extraction. Within one to two weeks, you should be back to your normal routine and able to eat and talk comfortably.

If you experience severe pain, difficulty opening your jaw or swallowing, prolonged bleeding, vomiting, or nausea, call your doctor immediately.

Schedule an Evaluation for You or Your Child

Our doctors can quickly determine whether you or your child require wisdom tooth removal or another form of tooth extraction. To learn more about the procedure or to schedule an appointment, contact our office online.

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